Get Stronger, Get More Flexible, Get Balance

Super Stretchey (with Sneak AttacK): Mondays 9am to 10

Hot and Sweaty (with a Bit of Balance): Monday and Fridays 6pm to 7pm

Private classes (one on one) available by request.

Super Stretchey (With "Sneak AttacK")

Ditch Them Tight Hips!

Work towards Pigeon, Foot behind the head, and foot in the armpit (???) with some really deep hip stretches. You'll laugh... actually you'll probably cry but these stretches work.

Why do foot behind the head? So you can… and so you can do other freaky poses that involve having your foot behind the head. Foot in the armpit is the same but different, hip flexibility but of a different sort. And even if you can't do this stuff you can work towards it and open your hips in the process.

Why go through all of that pain and suffering?

Because the feeling afterwards is so worth it.

Like an orgasm but without the mess.

Like a shot of caffeine without the after taste.

Plus, if you stretch deep you won't have to work so hard doing normal yoga poses. You don't have to use muscle against muscle to stretch muscles. Instead you can focus on getting in the pose and staying there. Plus, with stretching you'll get to know your body.

Why? How?

Because you got to relax to stretch. And to relax you have to feel your muscles and control them.

"Hey you relaxed? I don't think you are relaxed!"

"Well if you shut up, then maybe I can relax."

It's like a conversation with your body. Some parts cheekier than others.

Hey, you wanna do the splits? You can do that in this class to. Or maybe you can't but you can work towards it.

And just so that you can walk home without wobbling all over the place we'll finish with some strength work to reactivate those newly super flexible muscles.

And there's more!

Do sneak attacK quad and hip flexor stretches

What the heck's a sneak attacK?

Its when you sneak up on someone and then you attack and they say, "Hey what the... how did you…" but actually, they don't even say that cause you sneaked up on them.

But that's what they would have said if they could have , but they couldn't.

As for the sneak attack stretch, its the same thing.

All those stretches that you can't do because you go in through the front door but they (who is they?) see you coming.

As a result, no stretch for you.

So you sneak in by the side door... or the back door. Either way they don't see you coming. Then you are in, the stretch I mean, and you didn't even think you could get into it.

It's Sneak attack baby.

When's it at?

Mondays 9 till 10 am. at my house.

Where's it at?

263 Tai zhong gang road, next to the road that joins peoples park and the science museum. I'm on the south side. Look for the red "tasty" restaurant sign. Don't forget my phone number. call me when you get here.

Give Me a Call

0960 639 853

What's the Damage?

nt1100 for four classes. I'm gonna ask that you use those classes within 6 weeks. Also, space is limited so buzz me so I know you are coming and I'll save you a spot. Not sure if you wanna commit? First class free. Come try it out.

Bring It

Comfey yoga clothes and a mat if you got one.

What! You ain't got no mat? I'll sell you one.

Super Bitchin Black Mat from Heart Yoga

You'll heart this mat... or you won't. It's got some super freaky rubber coating that likes wetness. (Did I say Freaky again!)

It grips even better when you sweat. Try mine out first if you wanna see for yourself. Hey, if you buy one from me I'll give you an extra bonus class for free.

Hot and Sweaty

It's a Yoga Strength Training Class

No I ain't teaching hot yoga but you will do poses and movements that will make you sweat and improve your strength and in some cases flexibility at the same time.

If you ain't strong enough this class will help make you stronger and you can get stronger progressively, little bits at a time while improving sensitivity control and getting a buff butt at the same time.

(Actually no guarantees on the buff butt but I will teach you how to use your body intelligently. A lot of strength is actually just learning to coordinate the parts of your body.

And if you are uncoordinated don't worry. I'll help you get coordinated all in the comfort of my living room.)

What, monday don't work for you?

Not to worry, there's a class on friday, Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel and if you like you can even come on both days.

Hot and sweaty two times a weak!

I mean week.

Cause after this class you will no longer be week.

(Is there a word like strong that rhymes with week? How bout "You won't be weak, you'll be strong as a freak!

But you won't be freaky. Unless you wanna be.)

With a Bit of Balance

Just for fun, hot and sweaty classes will also include balance work. With bits of balance I'll teach you how to feel your center and control it. You'll know where to put your attention so that balancing is easier. And if you're really keen I'll teach you how to spot as well. (It's simple, just laugh with a mouth full of the beverage of your choice.)


As above but at a different time:

Mondays and Fridays 6pm to 7pm

Cost: 1100nt for four Monday night classes (use within 6 weeks) and 1100nt for four Friday night classes (6 week expiry) or by 8 classes, monday and friday for 2000nt. (Wow is that a steal or what! It isn't really, just a slight insentive to come twice a week.)

Who is Me?

Hi, I'm Neil Keleher.

I've been teaching yoga full time for 12 years now. I got into yoga to get flexible but I also use it to get stronger and better coordinated. And that's what I'll help you do to.

I'll teach you how to feel your body and control it so that you can use your improved coordination in anything you do whether it's more yoga poses or other stuff besides.

To reserve a spot in class or to book a private class call me:

0960 639 853

Want to find out more without having to talk to me?

Check out my website. I've tried to fill it with information on how to do yoga poses.

Also click here to find out about workshops I'm holding in the Taichung area.

P.S. Want to build your own website? Then check out Sitesell. This website wasn't built with sitesell but was.